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Bed & Breakfast Elvira al Duomo - Monreale

Our B&B born by chance. It was a spring evening and, during a dinner with friends in the garden of our house, one of our friends, a tour guide, after observing the house, the rooms and their location, he prompts us to make a bed and breakfast. I really liked the idea... The next day, in fact, I immediately started working to achieve it. Santino, my husband, he let me do, even if he was not very convinced, he was jealous of his home and of his things. We started the renovation, the house had to be changed to give each room maximum comfort. I took charge of everything. We completed the work in August 2005, only the name of our B&B lacked, the choice was not accidental. I was the only one who was convinced we were making a good project, so it was natural to give it my name "Elvira". Also, I thought "Al Duomo", because, although our B&B is out of country, it is behind the cathedral, so close that you can see the walls of the Cathedral.

Since then me and my family have been taking care of the B&B and, we take care of our guests with great pleasure.
Bed & Breakfast Elvira al Duomo a Monreale: Santino, Elvira, Annalisa, Riccardo e Giovanni

I'm Elvira, I have always worked in family's commercial enterprises, but also in outer commercial enterprises, therefore I was always in contact with people.
Santino, my husband, he was been teaching in a professional school of Palermo for 32 years. His specialization is the refreshment and the activities of an hotel are the core of his daily lessons.
Annalisa, my eldest daughter, she studies foreign languages, she speaks english and french very well, so even those who do not speak italian, find someone to talk in their own language, and can feel right at home.
Riccardo, my second son, he is still a student, he works in restaurants, also he works to accommodate and entertain guests.
Giovanni, the youngest, he also has his part in our B&B, he takes our guests's reservations, when our guests arrive, he explains them what they can see and what they can eat.

The whole family receives its guests with great professionality, it helps them to create the most suitable itinerary for their stay, it suggests them traditional places, shops and establishments more appropriate for their enjoyment; it suggests them where they can try the cooking specialities to make their stay more tasteful.

Santino explains, in detail, our guests what they have eaten, giving them some suggestions to prepare therselves some dishes. Santino doesn't speak foreign languages, he speaks french but not very well, anyway he can communicate with forign people. Gestures and facial expressions replace good languages knowledge and everybody can communicate with him; in fact he defines himself "multilingual manual".

Bed & Breakfast Elvira al Duomo a Monreale

In the morning, me and Santino prepare and serve breakfast. Guests are served, not only, with that they have requested the night before, but also with home-made products, such as cakes, cookies and pies. In the meantime, give tips on how to spend the day and what is nice to visit.
In the evening, me and Santino entertain our guests sipping a good wine, a bitter or just a coffee with pleasure, until late in the evening, as if they were friends.

The whole family knows the world thanks to their guests and we appreciate even more the world and Sicily.

Bed & Breakfast Elvira al Duomo a Monreale: Santino, Elvira, Annalisa, Riccardo e Giovanni

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Elvira al Duomo Bed and Breakfast a Monreale, Chi siamo

Bed & Breakfast "Elvira al Duomo" sorge nel cuore della Conca D'Oro immerso nel verde tra i profumi di zagara.

Elvira al Duomo Bed and Breakfast at Monreale

The Bed & Breakfast "Elvira al Duomo" wait you in the middle of the Conca D'Oro. "Elvira al Duomo" is deep in the vegetation between orange blossom perfumes.